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September 28, 2021

We started but did not finish Encounter at Kallamattar

November 9, 2021

Hiram Van Deussen hands over a salvaged Reticulan computer core to Joe, who decodes it. Joe learns that 17 years ago, the Reticulan ship left the tiny ice planet of Brahmagupta and then was badly damaged. There is a meeting with Professor Luke Ghoshal (Quasar), Gyzor Ling (Solana Trading), and Director Powell Quinn (Solana Trading) to set up situation with the Owl Bear. Flashing back 17 years, some Reticulans in a research base are under attack, but die while trying to escape. Back in current day (2260), Pedro does paperwork for Zephyros Consulting to take over the Owl Bear.

December 21, 2021

The party chooses the “benevolent dictator” model where the captain (Malek) tracks the money and uses it for supplies and then divides profits among all shares. Deciding to set sail for Brahmagupta to pursue the lead of the alien research base, the group’s voyage is interrupted by lab tech Perry Dawdson, who needs a lift to his lab ship before the Holiday Party begins. This sets off the Die Hard in Space adventure, ending in a cliffhanger. The date in-game is now November 10, 2260.

January 4, 2022

The action continues in Die Hard in Space. Eventually the PCs are victorious. They killed three of the marauding Zhuzzh and captured Engineer Chandra Franco, who was a traitor.

February 15, 2022

The party resumes the journey to Brahmagupta, and surveys the planet from orbit. The first attempt to approach the base ends with “rough landing” and everyone takes minor radiation damage. The ship is also slightly damaged. After retreating to orbit for field repairs, the group tries again and succeeds in landing near the “garage door” of the base.

March 1, 2022

The crew of the Owl Bear enters the frozen base, and is attacked by a security bot. After dispatching it, they explore the base, and find signs of a firefight between Ciceks and a warbot. Both sides lost. The group explores the base and collects lots of valuable salvage, then blasts off for Parvati.

March 29, 2022

The party discovers the Owl Bear has a Secret Smuggling Compartment. Ilse buys Hiram Van Duessen a bottle of whiskey as a thank-you for giving the party the lead to the Secret Alien Base. The group meets Silvertail Stripe, a Cicek living in Parvati City, who agrees to help with captain’s log recovered from the crash site on Brahmagupta.

April 12, 2022

As the party settles into life on the Owl Bear, they personalize their quarters. Ilse recovers in hte hospital while Malek and Harshit visit Silvertail Stripe, who hands the translation of the Cicek captain’s log over, and buys a Cicek vacc suit the party salvaged from the wreck. The group sells lots of other salvage and is rich - at least temporarily.

May 24, 2022

Malek is stunned to get a ransom note from some unknown kidnappers who are holding Hiram the belter. They want 50,000 Cr. Shenanigans ensue, and the party gets in a gunfight with some hotel detectives, narrowly escaping to safety in the end. The briefcase of money is delivered.

June 7, 2022

Hiram has been let go, thanks to the payment of the ransom. As he departs Parvati for the relative safety of deep space, Malek is contacted by Scarlet Minaru, daughter of the Governor of Parvati. Young Scarlet fears an alien life form was accidentally transferred to the mines under the city, and wants the crew to investigate. The party will have to move fast, because they intend to get off world before the authorities realize their involvement in the gunfight at the Marriott hotel. They find a secret way into the abandoned Level 5 of the city.

June 21, 2022

The action picks up as Harshit and Ilse have been surprised by thugs in the “street” of Level 5. Meanwhile, Malek is trying to hack into the regional computer network. And a retired belter named Aramis has been locked in a room by the same thugs, but works to escape. The group tries to get the thugs to surrender, but one hotheaded low life starts a fight, which goes poorly. The belter Aramis turns out to be a former Parvati Olympic fencing champion, and helps Ilse and Harshit lay the thugs low. Later, the group finds the way to the mine tunnels, and eventually spots an alien blob. They lure it into the airlock leading into the habitable part of Level 5, and then radio back to Scarlet where she can find the creature. They blast off in the Owl Bear, and set course for Rudra.

July 5, 2022

Ratna the engineer joins the crew of the Owl Bear on working passage, and the party jumps to Rudra, arriving at Transom Rock to learn there’s a period of intense solar flares. For safety, all travellers are advised to seek refuge under at least 3 meters of rock, so Transom Rock is crowded. A week passes as Malek leads the effort to find top buyers for all the remaining items scavanged from Brahmagupta. He sponsors a high profile public demonstration fencing match between Ratna, former Parvati Olympic champion, and the champion of the Ciceks. It’s a close match, with Ratna just barely losing. But best of all, it’s great public relations and helps get the best prices for the gear being sold. In all, the Owl Bear treasury gains over 1 MCr. Ratna and Aramis go EVA and fix the remaining temporary damage to the sensors of the Owl Bear. The group meets Commodore Ansari, leader of a merchant caravan that will be leaving Rudra for Alula in a couple weeks. That gives enough time for the Owl Bear to jet out to Valcent. More about that next time.

August 2, 2022

The Owl Bear rockets to the outer Rudra system to visit Valcent Harbor. There, the crew meets a pair of unusual characters - a Terran/Reticulan hybrid called “The Philosopher” and the leader of the community, Executive Valcent. The Philosopher triggers suppressed feelings in Orlan, who reacts with rage. Executive Valcent, on the other hand, has a proposition for the party.

August 16, 2022