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Split Stone Tribe

The Split Stone Tribe is a group of Cicek on the planet Alula. Their recent rivals are the Blue Star Tribe.

Trade Office

The tribe maintains a trade office in Prosperity City, the city that surrounds the surface-side starport at Alula. The highest ranking trade official is a female Cicek with the very utilitarian name of New Business Relations Manager.


Bantion is a small city on the edge of a hydrocarbon sea on the surface of Alula. It is the stronghold of the Split Stone Tribe. Like most Cicek stronghold cities on Alula, it contains an extraction/refining area, living areas, administration zone, and a creche for raising young Cicek. It is heavily defended against rival attack.

One of thousands of Cicek employed in the refining operations is Engineer Level 6 Jack.

Bantion is also home to “The Terran Borderlands’ Heaviest Colonial Rock Band, Heavy Industry Iron Piston”.