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Terra A877A46-D, Temperate (Sol d, G2V, United Terran Republic)

From TSAO:

Mother Terra, Humanity’s Birthplace – the UTR’s capital and the most populous world in Terran space. In the EFA era and during the War, the world suffered from unrestrained industrial development for export to the Reticulan Empire and later for the War effort. Despite the environmental problems and overcrowded cities, jobs are easy to come by in the industrial sector and the overgrown Terran public administration apparatus. Due to overcrowding and environmental instability, many Terrans – nativist attachment to Terra aside - seek new life in the colonies. As most Terran voters live on Terra and its sister-worlds in the Sol system, anyone seeking a career in larger-scale Terran politics eventually comes to the Motherworld. The UTR government itself does not reside on Terra but rather at Unity City in the L3 point between Terra and the moon.