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United Terran Republic

The United Terran Republic is a presidential republic, with a unicameral parliamentary legislature and a constitutionally-based government. The Office of the President holds sovereign power, and the President is the official commander-in-chief of the Terran armed forces. The Terran Constitution theoretically limits the President’s power, though a charismatic president such as the late Vera Singh could easily circumvent many of the limits of presidential power contained in the Constitution. Now, just after the end of the Terran Liberation War, most Terrans prefer an authoritative president at the helm who can share power with the Parliament to get things done and mobilize the UTR to protect humanity’s newly-gained freedom.

Solana Trading Inc.

Solana is a major interstellar trading broker and shipping company. It has grown quickly, due to the influx of cheap decommissioned starships resulting from the Shen administration’s demobilization process. Solana began as a private company flying the Cicek Run in what was then barely-explored space during the War. Now Solana has strong ties with Cicek merchant and industrialist tribes, and imports cheap Cicek goods to Terran space and exports high technology items to the Cicek. Solana also trades with the Ssesslessians, the Technate, and even the Empire, now that the peace agreement permits trade between the former belligerents.

Solana has a near-monopoly on interstellar shipping, competing only with Stellardream Inc. and with smaller operations only on the frontier. Solana’s dominance of trade routes is a result of its highly efficient network of carefully-maintained freighters. Solana is well-known for its high salaries and incentive programs for trading crews. Recently, Solana has branched into starship spare part manufacturing to reduce its dependence on TAMI and Stellardream products it uses for fleet maintenance. This company also engages in starport operations, typically as a sub-contractor of the local authorities. Currently, Solana executives consider expanding into the ship-building and overhaul business, though the corporation is yet to take any concrete steps in this direction.

The Parvati Connection

Solana Trading, Inc. currently has the contract to provide Parvati Station’s administrative and operational services. This includes law enforcement.

Zephyros Professional Services

Zephyros is a privately-owned company based at Parvati Station (Gliese 408 c-4). Its office is located underground in what’s commonly called Parvati City.

The company was originally formed as Downport Consulting in July of 2260, with Malek Palfry as the official treasurer. Later, in October 2260, it was reorganized as Zephyros Professional Services.

The player characters are all members of Zephyros in one way or another.