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The Owl Bear

The Owl Bear is a 100-ton Terran Opportunity I class Light Trader (Austere Subclass), currently operated by Zephyros Professional Services.

See here for more details.

Lab Ship Nakatomi

The Nakatomi is a 400-ton science laboratory ship, capable of jumping to sites of interest and staying on station for months to years. It was last seen orbiting the gas giant Indra, also known as Gliese 408 f.

See here for more details.

Talmadge’s Splendor

Talmadge’s Splendor is a 300-ton Terran Shaka-class Light Military Transport. It crashed 23 years ago into moonlet GX4825 that orbits Indra (Gliese 408 f). It was rediscovered and declared salvage by Hiram Van Duessen.

Misty’s Way

Misty’s Way is a retired Terran naval destroyer now owned by Hiram Van Duessen.

See here for more details.