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Rumors, Leads, and Unsolved Mysteries

Crimson Colony Base

In Episode 202 - Expedition to Crimson Colony Base the party explored the ruins of the base on the distant planet of Brahmagupta, and discovered it was run by Reticulans. They also explored the remains of a crashed Cicek starship there.

The exact purpose of the base remains a bit of a mystery. And the circumstances of its destruction are still hazy. Is it worth investigating more? What were the greys doing there?

The Kidnapped Frozen Colonists

In Episode 102 - Signal 99 a few Terrans were rescued by members of the heroic Zephyros group. Many were destroyed in the explosion of the wrecked ship. But a few were taken by Zhuzzh pirates who fled the scene before the explosion.

Nobody knows how many cold sleep berths the pirates got away with, or where those Zhuzzh went after they escaped. But tracking them down would be a heroic deed. Here are some leads related to that.

From the Signal 99 adventure, verbatim:

Any humans that were rescued and revived will tell the same story. They were colonists heading from Terra to Rudra. They were placed in cold sleep while still on Terra and have no knowledge of what happened after that; they were told that their transport was being contracted out, but they have no details. They are mostly from poor families that lived in overcrowded slums with no prospects for a better future on Terra. A corporation on Rudra had hired them to work in the mines. There might be a contract to transport these colonists the rest of way to Rudra.

[…] However, one of the humans that were taken by the Zhuzzh, Millicent Klotzle, is the daughter of a wealthy industrialist in the nearby system of Rudra, Dante-Jimenez Klotzle, who worked for the company that sponsored the low berth transportation of the workers in the first place. She was travelling back to Rudra in a low berth as an act of unity with the new workers. If the characters acted in good faith and with skill, he might be willing to hire them to track down his missing daughter.

[See the news article below]

From the Wreck in the Ring Adventure

Experiment 358G/6

From Episode 101 - Wreck in the Ring, Malek knows that Experiment 358G/6 belonged to Devanter Genetics, a genetic research company that still exists.

Some questions for the curious:

  • Where was the experiment headed when the ship that was carrying it wrecked?
  • What was the purpose of the experiment?

The Extra Passenger

Also from Episode 101, there was one extra body aboard Tallmadge’s Splendor, the wrecked military ship. Brother Antony of the Brothers of St. Cuthbert sent it to Bathala. Who was she?

Cause of Wreck and Other Mysteries

  • What caused the ship to crash into the asteroid?
  • What’s the story with the two crew members apparently fighting in the captain’s cabin?

The Mystery of Indra’s Radiation

  • In Episode 201 - Die Hard in Space the scientists of the Nakatomi were studying something weird about the planet Indra (Gliese 408-f).
  • The wreck of Tallmadge’s Splendor (from Episode 101 - Wreck in the Ring) is in the ice ring of that same planet.
  • The salvage crew who explored the Splendor felt a supernatural sense of doom that couldn’t be explained.
  • A few weeks ago, Malek overheard a conversation in the Laser Warrior bar about Austin Wyke the belter who went crazy while working the belt near Indra and then hasn’t been heard from his friends in months.

Are these events related in any way?

The Brenda Starshine III

During the war, a freighter called the Brenda Starshine III was lost in the Parvati system. Rumors are that pirates got it and its cargo. Later, part of that cargo - a couple of Commodus class portable bases - turned up at a surfacing mining operation on Parvati (in Episode 103 - Commodus Interruptus).

But where is the ship and the rest of the cargo?

News Dispatches

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Caution About Travel to Cicek Space

ALULA 25-DEC-59:

The Far Trader TSS Uriah the Hittite, registered on Jambavan, was reported lost with all hands after an alleged pirate attack while approaching the Alula jump-point. High Port Administrator Kinked Tail expressed sadness over the loss of Terran and Cicek lives but said that it is neither her job, nor that of the Emerald Eyes tribe to police the higher orbits. She further claimed that the pirate ships surely originated from Lindworm, which is beyond Emerald Eyes territory.


Terran Ministry of Colonization and Space Travel officials stressed again that ships going into Cicek space should be ready to defend themselves and carry appropriate weapons.

Jurgen, Jeanette, and Millicent


Jurgen Geyr, who aided in the rescue of several human captives from a Reticulan Abductor in April of this year, has returned to Parvati from Rudra. He had escorted one of the captives, Jeanette Mercedes, age 10, to her original destination after her parents were lost in the explosion of the Abductor.

In an exclusive interview, Geyr explained, “I was able to find Jeanette’s aunt on Rudra, and turned the girl over to her. I also met with Dante-Jimenez Klotzle, whose daughter Millicent was aboard the Reticulan ship, and learned that he sponsored the colonists. But that’s all I have to say about that.”

Mr. Geyr was last seen entering the office of Zephyros Professional Services, in Parvati Spaceport.

Further Information

Geyr returned to present a reward offer to the members of Zephyros, from Dante-Jimenez Klotzle. If anyone can find his daughter Millicent, they will be handsomely rewarded. Her low berth was not one of the ones in the group the party salvaged, but since it was in the area they salvaged, Jurgen, Malek, and Joe know that hers was one of the ones stolen by the Zzhuzz. However, the party never told anyone about the Zzhuzz ship that escaped. Jurgen told Klotzle about it, though.