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Jambavan B6877A9-D, Temperate (WX Ursae Majoris b-1, M2V M6V, United Terran Republic)

From TSAO:

Jambavan is a highly habitable Terran second-generation colony and the informal capital of the Spinward frontier. During the War, it managed to avoid significant orbital bombardment but it did suffer a large-scale Reticulan ground invasion. The man who led the resistance and pushed the Reticulans back to the stars was General Yosef Rabus of the Terran Guard. His popularity as the Hero of Jambavan catapulted him into the office of Planetary Administrator and now he treats this world as his personal domain. Rabus has a growing tendency to abuse his power and knows very well that the locals will let him get away with many authoritarian acts due to his reputation. His unpopular political opposition claims that he also skims the generous reconstruction budget and plays favorites with various contractors, but he adamantly denies such claims and considers them to be personal slander and political muck-racking.