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The following Standing Ship’s Articles of Agreement (hereinafter referred to as Articles) are made effective as of 1-November-2260 to govern the United Terran Republic Civilian Vessel OWL BEAR, Registration Number 220-A-422 to the Port of PARVATI (Gliese 408 c-4) and owner SOLANA TRADING.

Article 1. Term Of Articles

IT IS AGREED between the Master and the Crew named below on the Manifest that the Crew shall serve aboard the OWL BEAR, under the command of the undersigned MASTER (or whoever lawfully replaces him), from the Port of PARVATI (Gliese 408 c-4) to other ports and planets as the Master may direct, and back to a final port of discharge in the United Terran Republic.

At the will of either party, the term of service will end.

Article 2. Conduct of Crew

The Crew agree to conduct themselves in an orderly, faithful, honest, and sober manner, to be diligent at all times in their respectful duties, and to obey the lawful orders of the Master (or of any person who lawfully succeeds him) and of their superior officers, in everything related to the vessel, and her passengers, stores, and cargo, whether on board, in boats, or in port.

Article 3. Compensation

The Master agrees to pay the Crew, as wages, the sums and shares entered next to their names on the Manifest from the ship’s account, an accurate ledger of which shall be maintained by the Master.

Crew members shall be paid their salaries in Terran credits every thirty (30) days at the first available port of call.

Crew members are entitled to receive from the Master upon request up to one half of their monthly salary at every port of call in advance of their scheduled salary payment, but not more than once in any thirty (30) day period.

Crew members shall be entitled to participate in discretionary bonuses that may be authorized and declared by the Master from time to time.

The Master agrees to supply the Crew with room and board according to custom and Imperial regulations, to accommodate incidental storage of personal items in unused cargo space, to provide livery of such ports as time and circumstances permit, and to provide for their repatriation to the port named above if they separate from the vessel through no fault or negligence of their own.

The Master agrees to provide the Crew with free medical care; if their requirements exceed the ship’s capabilities, the Master will procure appropriate care on planet.

The Master agrees to afford the Crew two (2) weeks paid liberty each year, to be taken during the annual maintenance overhaul.

Article 4. Watchkeeping

The Master shall ensure that watchkeeping arrangements are adequate for maintaining a safe continuous watch during maneuvers, taking into account the prevailing circumstances and conditions. Watchbills shall be posted where they are easily accessible on board the vessel.

Article 5. Obligations of Crew

It is also agreed, that no member of the Crew may depart the vessel in port without permission of the Master; that any embezzlement or willful or negligent destruction of and part of the vessel’s cargo or stores shall be made good to the Master out of the wages of the guilty person and that if any member of the Crew has a grievance under these Articles or otherwise, he will report it in a quiet and orderly manner to the Master or officer in charge of the vessel, who shall then take such steps as the case requires.

Article 6. Record Keeping

The Master shall record in the vessel’s log all matters of discipline, and any complaints brought to him by the Crew, for review by the Ministry of Colonization and Space Travel representative at the next port of call.

The Master shall provide each departing member of the Crew with a Crew Member’s Identification and Record, specifying the period of service and the time, place and reason for discharge from service.


Malek Palfrey
___________________________________   ___________________________________
Printed Name                          Signature
Master of OWL BEAR, 1-November-2260

Pedro Atkins, Esq.
___________________________________   ___________________________________
Printed Name                          Signature
Witness, 1-November-2260

The Crew have signed above their names on the attached Manifest, dated as indicated on each, which are specifically included by reference in the terms of these Articles.


List all crew members by legal name, compensation, start date, and end date

NAME                       COMP.      START         END 
-------------------------  ---------  ------------  ------------

Malek Palfrey (master)     1 share.   Nov 1, 2260

Ilsa Sharp                 1 share.   Nov 1, 2260

Harshit                    1 share.   Nov 1, 2260

Rex Strongbow              1 share.   Nov 1, 2260

Chance Jones               1 share.   Nov 1, 2260