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Jang Po Zhow


Jang Po Zhow, a former government agent turned corporate security. He worked in counter espionage long enough to catch the eye of corporate headhunters offering high pay in the civilian sector.

For a few years, he worked undercover on frieghters and colony ships on the trade run into Cicek space. But it all fell apart when he tried to run his own government contractor outfit.

His inquisitive nature led him to make a few inquiries on irregularities in manifest logs and transponder sweeps. When he followed up on some suspicious datafiles, he discovered evidence of continued reticulan experimentation on humans, but it had been suppressed.

Before he had even pierced the web of bureaucratic tradecraft, he was blacklisted and warned to back off and disappear. So he decided to go to the system mentioned in the reports, Parvati. He never did listen to orders very well.

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Jang Po Zhow