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Gorchek “Chek” Quar


This Cicek warrior is named Gorchek Quar, which means Blindside, but humans call him Chek. That amuses him because it sounds like the military command to engage the enemy.

He was a rising star on Fei Lian, leading a famed mobile artillery unit for one of the great trading houses. For a while glory was heaped upon his name. In a major Cicek Rebellion action against the Reticulans his success was a growing legend, but it brought much envy and hatred.

Before he was aware of the threat, he was outsmarted, duped even. A rival from another trading house appeared and used his failure against him. Humiliated, he found himself an outcast. He even thought of turning pirate.

For a few years, he drifted amongst the Cicek population on Rudra, working security. Now, he is determined to seek glory on Parvati. He’s made a few trusted friends along the way that have referred him to his new employers.

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Chek - Gorchek Quar