Home Notes



Title: Liber Ivonis

Language: Latin (Requires Read Latin of 50% to automatically read it, or a successful roll.)

Description: “Alongside the journal is an enormous volume, handwritten in Latin, but so rotten and worm-eaten that whole sections can no longer be understood.”

This book takes three hours to read what’s left of it, and the benefit is that you will gain 2% to your Cthulhu Mythos skill. (This will reduce your maximum sanity by the same amount.)

Title: The Corbitt Diaries

Language: English (Albeit, older English)

Description: “Three bound books, the diaries of a certain W. Corbitt, the former inhabitant of the house.” Although not as former as you were lead to believe at the time.

The diaries describe Corbitt’s various occult experiments, including the summoning of some unearthly spirit and other magic, and clearly describes a spell entitled “Call Forth The Opener of Ways”. The spell takes 2D6 weeks to learn. The spell requires a dagger made from copper, and suggests not casting in bright sunlight, as the Opener may be dazzled by the light.